Signature Rewards Program


Welcome to the new Signature Rewards – Berkeley Sports’ new loyalty program available to ALL Members.

The program gives you access to more discounts, benefits and rewards. Just use your membership card to earn points on all eligible transactions.

You can redeem your Signature Rewards Points as often as you like and it will not affect your tier.


  • How do I determine my tier?

Tiers are determined based on points ‘accrued’ or ‘earned’ during the last twelve (12) months. Points spent do not impact this balance. Each tier has minimum points required which are listed on our Rewards Flyers located in the venue.

  • How can I move up tiers?

The more you use your card, the more points you earn, the higher the tier you achieve. You can earn your points through food and beverage purchases and through machine play. Points accrued are reviewed daily for promotion into the higher tiers.

  • How do I know how many points I need to get to the next level?

Speak to a staff member and they will give you the information. All level ups are done daily and will be communicated to you via our staff at reception.

  • Can I be moved down levels?

Yes, the tier review occurs bi-annually on 1 May and 1 November each year. Once you reach a level you will not move down, until the next review date.

  • How can I use my Rewards Points?

You can use your points to pay for food, beverages, gift vouchers, eftpos cards or products in accordance with your benefits.

  • Do points expire?

Yes, at the close of business on 31 October each year, points will expire and become zero (0) with the exception of Platinum and Gold Members.



Berkeley Signature Rewards Program T&Cs